Jeff Bedrick


Jeff Bedrick is a VFX Artist and Title Designer based in San Francisco.

Throughout his career, Jeff has worked on a string of successful studio features. Most notably, he was a Digital Matte Painter on Shrek 2, where he was responsible for creating the environments which the characters inhibit.

His working relationship with our Director spans a decade. Their first project together, The Velvet Abstract, saw Jeff create and supervise half of the sequences seen in the film.

Most recently, Jeff designed the titles for the two latest releases of our Director. For When the Rain Sets In, Jeff created the opening title sequence, and for The Sands of Time, he designed the main title reveal that opens the film.

Consequently, Jeff was the first choice of our Director to create the main title of Sonar seen in our film. Using Adobe After Effects, Jeff designed and animated a beautiful main title from his studio in San Francisco.