Livvy Edwards


Livvy Edwards is a VFX Coordinator based in London.

After graduating from Ravensbourne in Digital Film Production, Livvy quickly secured a position as a Production Coordinator at the visual effects company Double Negative in London. During her two years at the company, Livvy developed her experience with production workflows, working closely with VFX Artists in the process. This included working on Men in Black: International, and Infinite.

After this time, Livvy joined the visual effects company Framestore, in her current position as VFX Coordinator, where she has worked on studio films such as The Little Mermaid.

Livvy was recruited to the Sonar production by our Director, who needed someone of experience to handle the VFX shots at both locations. By logging the shots, and ensuring the required VFX plates were shot, we were been able to develop those VFX shots in post-production in Los Angeles and Denver.