Lycee Anaya


Lycee Anaya is a Visual Effects Artist based in Los Angeles.

Throughout her career, Lycee has worked on a string of successful features and television shows. Her work as a Compositor, Pre-Visualisation Artists, and 3D Generalist, has seen Lycee remain in constant demand.

In television, her Digital Compositing can be seen in; Star Trek: Picard, Westworld, Defending Jacob, and WandaVision.

Along with this successful television career, Lycee has worked on numerous Hollywood features, such as: The Hunger Games, Ted 2, and The Wolverine, to name just a few.

Lycee is currently working as a Pre-Visualisation Artist on The Matrix 4.

Having worked with our Director on another film, Lycee agreed to join the Sonar production, and work on our VFX shots from her studio in Los Angeles.