Rich Stevenson


Rich Stevenson is an Underwater Cameraman based in Bath.


During his career, Richard has experienced the depths of the world’s oceans. This includes un-dived shipwrecks such as the rescue ship to Titanic (RMS Carpathia) which lay in 160m of water, and also the sister ship to the Titanic (HMHS Britannic) that lies in 120m of water.


Richard has been frequently hired for feature films and television shows. Most notably in television shows such as, Poldark, How I Live Now, and the Blue Planet Season 2.


In feature films, Richard has shot scenes in; Tomb Raider, and the new James Bond film, No Time to Die


Along with these, Richard has shot music videos, and corporate promos.


Richard was recruited by our Director to shoot all of our underwater footage in Sonar with his Red Gemini 5K. This was achieved with an underwater radio system whereby he could hear all of the directions from outside the pool to adjust his framings to the shot list throughout our shoot.